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    its over

    hey there , act entri ni pasal lagu yg aku buat . lagu lama . ping balik . sebab rasanya lagu ni paling kena dgn situasi sekarang . haha . aku buat lagu ni masa dia dtg dlm hidup aku . dia naikkan balik semangat aku . so aku buat lagu ni sesaje dgn mood sedih masa tu . tak sangka pulak lagu ni akan dipost balik dlm keadaan sekarang yg lebih menyedihkan . i have nothing more . nak mati boleh tak ? :/

    It's Over

    I hoped it won't be so
    I hoped u won't be so
    That you wouldn't be such a common love
    I keep on praying and pray

    Oh you're taking a step away from me
    A glance into the future
    You leave me without words
    Left me in confuse 

    If you're going to throw me away
    those sad words proclaiming your love
    I wouldn't have listened to them 
    I wouldn't fall for them
    I wouldn't sacrifice for them from the beginning

    Forget bout me
    Forget bout us
    Forget all the memories we've through at the past

    Your hand i was holding
    I will now let it go
    The lock that bound you here
    I will release it for you
    Just because , it's over..

    like entry ni yee , share dgn semua. thanks buddy :)


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