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    a letter of apology


     hello there dear , 
    i'm sorry for being such a bothersome to you all this time,
    i'm sorry for the times you cried because of me ,
    i'm sorry i wasn't the man you deserved ,
    i'm sorry for all my wrongdoings at the past , 
    i'm sorry for the heart i broke ,
    i'm sorry for not being right by your side when you're sad , 
    i'm sorry for making you lost the trust towards me ,
    i'm sorry for making you angry at me , 
    i'm sorry i wasn't a type of man that show the deepest love for you to know , 
    i'm sorry for make you regretting on knowing me , 
    i'm sorry for the deep pain that you endured , 
    i'm sorry for making you such an important person in my life , 
    i'm sorry but i just cant easily forget you..
    i'm sorry for crying when seeing you having such a happy life with you're bf .

    its just , i'm sorry :')

    -AZIM MARCELLO , 2011-

    like entry ni yee , share dgn semua. thanks buddy :)


    1. Nurul Sharmila said...:

      waaa... siap nyanyi lagi... so sweet..! :)

    1. iera syahira said...:

      cute and sweet kot! teehee

    1. azim marcello said...:

      nurin , awat nurin ? haha

    1. azim marcello said...:

      sharmila , haha tewime kacheh xD

    1. azim marcello said...:

      iera , err cute tu takde ah , manis ada . haha thankss :)

    1. Eyqa Hasnan said...:

      sweet ! nasib baik ta jatuh hati nie .

    1. azim marcello said...:

      eyqa , haha err bahaya tu . chill tarik nafas,, pushhh ! xD

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